Choir Charts

Crystal Choir (Year-round Choral Program)
Group Level Grade
Concert Youth 9 and above
Concert 6 and above



Level IV 4 and above
Level III 3-5
Level II 2-4
Level I 1-3
Crystal School (8-week Program)
Class Level Grade
Young Musician II 1st grade and up (by placement)
I 1st grade and up
Early Bird II K – 1st grade
I Pre – K
What are the differences between “Crystal Choir” and “Crystal School”?
  Crystal Choir Crystal School
Age 1st grade and up Age 2+
Program year-round (Sep. to June) 8 weeks /session;
3 sessions a year (Sep, Jan, Mar)
Curriculum Choral education Fundamental music training
Rehearsal Once a week Once a week
Rehearsal Duration from 1 hour 15 minutes to 3 hours
(vary in different levels)
50 minutes
Audition May/June No audition
Tuition $850/year (vary in level V and up) $200/session
Performance Holiday Concert (Dec.),
Annual Concert (May/June),
Trip Performance
Mini- recitals
Class Size 20+ (vary in different levels) Max 12  to 15
* Join two sessions of Crystal School, may be promoted to choir through evaluation with eligible ages