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Open House

What is the Open House?

An hour open house includes general choir information, and an overview and demonstration of the audition process, also a great chance of a choir visit. Attending with your child is highly recommended.

Do I need to signup for the open house ahead of time?

No, just come.

When is the open house?

What are the differences between "Crystal Choir" and "Crystal School"?

Click here to see our chart describing the differences between Crystal Choir and Crystal School.

Audition (not required for the 2022-23 choir season)

What’s Level I? What’s Level II and up?

Level I is for 1st grade to 3rd grade as of September 2022 Levels II and up are 2nd grade and up as of September 2022.

How often is the open house/audition offered?

Once a year

When will my child get the new member enrollment notice?

You will receive an email notification within one week after online sign up.

Audition Process (not applicable for the 2022-23 choir season)

How do I register for the Choir Program (year-round) audition?

You may register through the Crystal Choir Application and make an online payment or mail it to us at PO Box 66, Cupertino, CA. 95015. The fee is non-refundable. $20 for Level I and $40 for Level II and up.

How do I register for the School Program (8-week)?

You may register using our Crystal School Application and mail in the application fee or pay online with a credit card. The fee is non-refundable. $20 registration for the Crystal School plus tuition.

What is the mailing address for sending the application and fee?

Please send to: Crystal Children’s Choir, Attn: Admissions, P.O. Box 66, Cupertino CA 95015 and make the check payable to Crystal Choir.


What kind of music programs does the Crystal Choir offer?

Crystal offers 2 different programs:

  • Choir Program (year-round)
    Children who are in 1st grade and up are welcome to join the choir through an audition. They will be placed to an appropriate level based on age, musical skills, and vocal development.
  • School Program (8-week)
    (45-minute/lesson) We welcome children from age 4 to kindergarten. It provides early childhood music development, voice training, and other musicianship enrichment.

What is the weekly rehearsal schedule for Choir Program?

Weekly rehearsal between 1.5 to 2.5 hours, it varies to different choral level. Click here to see the rehearsal schedule.

When are the sessions for School Program?

Fall (Sep-Nov), Winter (Jan-Mar) and Spring (Mar-May) sessions.

Will the School Program have an Annual Performance like Choir Program?

After each session, the class will have a class sharing with parents.
Rehearsal Schedules

What are the rehearsal schedules for the different locations?