Crystal School FAQs

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What kind of music programs does the Crystal Choir offer?

Crystal offers 2 different programs:

  • Year-Round Choral Program
    Children who are in 1st grade and up are welcome to join the choir through an audition. They will be placed to an appropriate level based on the age, musical skills and vocal development.
  • Crystal School
    (50 or 40-minute/lesson) We welcome children age 3-6. Crystal School provides early childhood music development, voice training and other musicianship enrichment.

When are the sessions for Crystal School?

Fall (Sep-Nov), Winter (Jan-Mar) and Spring (Mar-May) sessions.

What’s the tuition of Year-round Choral Program? And the Crystal School?

Choir: from September 2019 to June 2020, Level I – IV: $1,090; Level V – VIII: $1,390
Crystal School: $200/session

Will the Crystal School have an Annual Performance like Year-Round Choral Program?

At the end of each session, we will have a mini recital for parents.

How do I register for the Crystal School?

You may register using our Crystal School Application and mail in the application fee or pay online with a credit card. The fee is non-refundable. $20 registration for the Crystal School plus tuition.

What is the mailing address for sending the application and fee?

Crystal Children’s Choir
Attn: Crystal School
P.O. Box 66
Cupertino CA 95015

Check payable to Crystal Choir.